„This game saves me watching 20 documentaries! You can watch 20 documentaries and what will stick with you, is in this game.“

Jordan, Bulgaria

“We played and played COME ON OVER! until the cafe had to finally close up for the evening. What an enjoyable way to help us build up a meaningful picture of European diversity and learn many interesting facts about EU members!”

Hugh, Ireland

“It’s our favourite travel game! So sometimes, when we miss traveling, we just embark on a trip through Europe with ‘Come on Over’! It’s pretty tough to realise how little we know about other Europeans’ traditions (including our own)!”

Barbara, Austria & Benjamin, Belgium

“Come on over! is not a party invitation but rather a truly intelligent and fun card game! Providing the strangest facts about Europe, it is the Indiana Jones amongst the pedagogically useful party entertainments! Europe is in crisis, there is always need for a good present – get the thing!”

Benedikt, Austria


…is an innovative and quirky card game in which European countries try to lure you in with fun facts: Singles will be sprinkled with pepper, ferrets stuffed down people’s pants and instruments whittled from vegetables. Whilst the players use their own creativity to create stories out of these facts, the game opens up a humorous exchange about Europe. Including more than a hundred surprising facts about the 28 EU countries and thousands of possibilities for fun stories, COME ON OVER! is the perfect entertaining game about Europe from the age of 12 up, for 3-8 players.

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Our vision

COME ON OVER! has emerged out of the vision to prove that Europe can be fun. We believe in a Europe beyond complex bureaucratic procedures or pessimistic headlines. Instead we want to portray a continent full of quirky humour, creative ideas and amusing stories. We do not pursue a political aim, but a human one: With little-known fun facts about European countries, we want to encourage curiosity and trigger exchange about Europe. These facts also work around the stereotypical ideas we have about the different countries – and sometimes even contradict them. In the end, the content in the game is only a starting point for the fun stories from all over Europe that you will be telling each other whilst playing. The content of the pocket version of COME ON OVER! is limited to the 28 current European Union countries, but we are expanding our horizons. There will be a bigger box version for the games market that will stretch beyond the EU to include more European countries. The game is currently available in German and English, but we are working hard to ensure the game will be widely available in several European languages, the next one in planning being French. We are looking forward to conversations about Europe full of laughter and invite you to COME ON OVER and play with us!

Who’s behind it?

Katharina Moser

Katharina Moser

Ever since spending a year in Madrid with flatmates from seven different countries, Katharina has delighted in the cultural diversity Europe has to offer. She has pursued a career as a project manager in the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the British Council London and the European Forum Alpbach. In 2015 she decided to start an agency in order to foster empathy and exchange amongst Europeans. COME ON OVER! is her flagship project for the agency.

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Felix Auer

Felix Auer

Felix is a graphic designer, illustrator and primary teacher from Vienna. He has endowed COME ON OVER! not with only his creativity and passion for detail, but also his sense of humour. Europe has had a very special meaning for him ever since embarking on an internship in Barcelona. His experiences there inspired him to help people engage with Europe through humour and playfulness.

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Felix Auer

François Lang

François is a game designer from Paris, who partly grew up in Germany and now lives in Vienna today – a real European, you might say! As an author he has specialised in game concepts that foster eloquence, humour and creativity in an unconventional way. His games are published in France with the publishing house “Le Droit de Perdre” among others. With COME ON OVER! he wants to follow his passion for Europe’s cultural diversity, in all its absurdity.

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You like COME ON OVER! and you want to use it for a fun get together with friends? You work for a school, a university or a youth organisation and want to encourage exchange about European diversity? You work in areas such as Coaching, Training or Personal Development and need a creative tool to trigger communication and lighten the mood? You are part of a local community and need an original present for one of your events? We want to see this fun approach to Europe expand over the entire continent. We are therefore offering the pocket version of COME ON OVER! in tiered pricing in order to enable your purchase at a more favourable price.

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  • Kommzumir - Kartenspiel

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Information for institutions

The practical pocket format of COME ON OVER! is purposefully tailored as a communication tool for European institutions, educational facilities and governments who want to enable a more relaxed approach to the topic of Europe. We offer logo-branding from 500 pieces. For a tiered list of prices and further information, please contact us at info@kommzumir.eu. We want to thank all our clients who support our vision and who are already using COME ON OVER! for their work:


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